Yoga in a couple to strengthen the relationship

Yoga does not bring benefits only at the individual level. In fact, practiced as a couple, its benefits both in the psychological and physical levels extend to both, but also to the relationship itself.

Yoga is a physical and mental discipline of Hindu origin practiced today around the world. It is, therefore, a practice that improves physical condition. However, a yoga session is also a «meditation class» . Do you know the benefits of practicing yoga as a couple ?

There are many benefits at all levels. However, it is not mandatory to practice it individually. On the contrary, there is also yoga as a couple, an interesting way to do something together and take advantage of the benefits of this discipline at all levels.

Yoga in couple

We live in a time of constant stress. In fact, we rarely have time to dedicate ourselves to ourselves, to take care of ourselves and to relax. In this sense, much less time we have to take care of our relationship. In this way, we accumulate stress and differences, corroding the relationship. 

A good idea to take care of it is to do activities together that can offer benefits to the individual and the couple. In this sense, yoga can become an ideal practice. In effect, it is a discipline that implies benefits in the mental and physical plane.

  • It helps to improve mental health, inner peace, concentration and relaxation.
  • On the other hand, it also provides physical benefits. In effect, it contributes to improving cardiovascular health, flexibility, strength and endurance.

But, also, practiced as a couple, you can strengthen the relationship in many ways.

Benefits of yoga as a couple

1. Build trust and teamwork

In yoga as a couple you will both focus on getting the right position working together and as a team.

Each time you make a position you will have to support each other. In this way, getting the correct position is work of two. Therefore, yoga as a couple will help you complement each other, to trust that the other person will also do their part and support each other. Finally, you will achieve the goal together.

In the context of a couple, of course, this translates into an exercise of mutual trust and security that can strengthen the relationship.

On the other hand, if you have certain differences , these will have to be put aside during yoga, because you have a goal together: to perform the posture. In this way, you should relax, concentrate, empathize and put aside those differences in order to achieve the goal. You must, therefore, focus on something positive, forgetting the problems that separate you. 

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2. Improves non-verbal communication

The rapport is essential for doing yoga as a couple. For this, there must be communication and understanding . In this sense, yoga will help you develop or enhance non-verbal communication elements such as looks, gestures, etc.

In effect, these are essential elements to be able to reach that necessary understanding in this discipline. In addition, they will also have a positive impact on your life as a couple.

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3. Close ties

With the techniques of yoga you will feel more united, favoring communication and physical contact.

The relaxation in all the levels of each one during the yoga session creates a unique atmosphere that invites, undoubtedly, to strengthen the bonds between both. In effect, after the yoga class you will feel calm and serene, with more empathy and relaxed.

In this sense, having reached this state together will make you feel more united. In addition, the conversations or gestures of love after the yoga sessions, in that state of mental and physical relaxation, will be ideal to strengthen the relationship.

4. Physical contact

We all need physical contact with the people we love. Therefore, yoga is an ideal discipline for couples, because it invites physical contact in a state of special mental relaxation.

In addition, this contact is based on the interpenetration of the bodies of both, necessary to achieve the different positions. In this way, the objective is that this contact leads you to understand your own body and that of the other, connecting at a physical level.

These have only been four of the many benefits that yoga as a couple can bring to a relationship. Without a doubt, there are many more. Indeed, even the benefits at the individual level will have positive effects on the relationship.

In addition, yoga is a discipline without limitations, that is, it can be practiced by anyone. In this way, it does not matter how old you are, whether you are fit or not. Any couple can take advantage of the benefits of yoga as a couple, and strengthen their relationship in this way.

When the couple becomes a family

For more preparation courses for motherhood and fatherhood that we have done, for more books that we have read, the arrival of a son catches us unprepared.

Nor have they warned us how things will change between us . Now another link binds us, a sacred bond: that of being the father and mother of the common child. With these new roles also emerge new expectations of each other, which will be fulfilled or not.

When the loving couple becomes a family …

Throughout our lives we all experience two types of change.

The first is the change “in slope” , which occurs very gradually, almost without us being aware of what is happening (a typical case is aging).

The other is the change “in step” , a sudden change in which we clearly recognize a before and after; a change that most of the time surprises us, hits us or disconcerts us.

For more books that we have read, the arrival of a son catches us unprepared

Of all the changes “in step” -a move, a marriage, the death of someone close …- the birth of a child is the most remarkable, one of those in which the jump is greater, since the contrast between the preconditions and those after the change is enormous.

And this is especially true when the first child of the couple is born, because it also implies the birth of a mother, a father and, in some way, a family.

We were not prepared for this change!

In “pending” changes, time passes slowly and gives us the option to prepare for new conditions. We ourselves are transformed to the extent that our environment does.

In most “step” changes, however, modifications come before we have been able to develop resources to address them . This is precisely what happens with the birth of the first child.

For more preparation courses for motherhood and fatherhood that we have done, for more books that we have read, the arrival of a son catches us unprepared.

We return home after staying three days in motherhood with a strange being that depends absolutely on us to survive.

We find it difficult to understand their demands and, in our inexperience, we do not know how to deal with our new task.

No one told us how things will change between us

However, the baby does not make concessions: he needs us to feed himself, to relax, to get warmth and comfort, to feel clean, to sleep soundly … But this is not the only aspect of a change for which we are not prepared They have not warned us about how things will change between us.

Usually, we are not aware that the couple will suffer an equally momentous change.

We are no longer the same…

When the baby finally falls asleep, the two people who meet face to face are not the same as they were when they were alone. And not only because they are very tired and what they want above all is to sleep.

Now another link binds them, a sacred bond: that of being the father and mother of the common child . She is not only my wife, she is also the mother of my son. And … I am no longer just her husband, I am the father of her son …. With these new roles also emerge new expectations of each other, which will be fulfilled or not.

It is usually said that recent parents should set aside time for both of them; It is true, but we must not lose sight of the fact that this couple is no longer the same . It is necessary to keep it in mind to save us some disappointments and claims, because we can end up confusing the new dynamics with bad intentions of the other.

Remembering that during the first years the child occupies a central place in our life, we must work together exposing our needs and looking for ways to respond, instead of getting angry with our partner because we think he does not take us into account.

Family under construction

Another question that comes into play from the moment we become a family, and that does so with unusual force, is the question about what kind of family we are. And in this, the family models of each one of us are of capital importance.

Sometimes, soon after the baby is born, the parents begin to discuss about the educational guidelines, the role that the extended family will play and what are the responsibilities of each one. If we do not stop to think about it, the most probable thing is that we want to impose the model of our family of origin.

The challenge is to put the cards on the table, to talk openly with our partner about what are the ideals and models that each of us has on how a family should function and also on what are the fears that do not wake up from that mode.

The challenge is to put the cards on the table, to speak openly about the ideals of each one

This is how the identity of the new family will be shaped : it is not a copy of one model or another or a negotiation by which each one decides a part. It is a new construction; a unique design that we will develop according to our values, priorities and beliefs.

Release to grow

It is important to bear in mind that we are facing a profound change , a change that will also lead to difficulties when releasing what we leave behind.

That we will feel a certain sorrow, and that this is natural and does not imply not being satisfied and happy with the new condition.

That we must work actively and hard to handle a situation that changes at a great speed.

That the idea of ​​family refers us to our own and outdated family models.

Taking all these things into account will help us to better navigate this difficult passage from a couple to a family.

Things that should not be done in the couple

The principle of a relationship is the most beautiful things that can happen to us. Everything is fantastic, or at least it seems. There are no discussions, there are no obligations; there is nothing that we do not like about the other … or maybe yes, but we do not pay attention to it, because we are not interested.

When we decided to formalize that relationship; or when we decide that it is time to start a coexistence, it is when the real challenge begins.

The challenge of maintaining a healthy relationship

Of course, there is nothing that guarantees us that this relationship will be for life. That is what we would like; but there is no guarantee. Maybe one of the two will run out of love, and then, there will be nothing to do.

But, if that does not happen, if love is maintained, there are some things we should keep in mind; so that this relationship is as healthy as possible. Because forget it, it will not be enough to make a gift for Valentine’s Day.

There is no pair with perfect compatibility. No matter how good you take with your partner, you will always have to reach an agreement. There are always things we have to do and things we should never do.

And then we examine some of the things we do not do:

Do not take anything for granted

Do not give things for known, or what is the same, “why should I tell you that I love you, or I want it, if you already know it?” Well, no, although I know it, it costs nothing to say it again and again. Remind him of the love you have for him. Tell him how handsome or handsome he is today. Say good morning, or good night …

We already know what usually happens when there is trust. But that same, can make the love relationship become a relationship of strangers. Or what is worse, a boring relationship.

Do not forget the time for both

We already know that the obligations are many and leave little time, in addition, if there are children I do not even tell you; the day goes by between work, schools, homework and extracurricular activities. But, it is important and absolutely necessary that you look for the time to be alone. Because that will be what keeps the relationship alive.

Do not mock or criticize

This has to be explained. One thing is jokes, which are very healthy, because laughing together makes the bond stronger. Another very different thing is to make fun of your partner with bad intention, and I do not tell you anything if it is in front of other people.

On the other hand, the normal thing is that if something you do or say you do not like, if it bothers you, you will have to tell them, if you do not, you will not be able to know. And we talked in another article about how to tell someone that something has bothered you.

Another thing is to criticize for criticizing: that ends up bothering a lot and creating discomfort in the couple. If there is a criticism, let it be constructive.

Do not make the attempt to change

As usual, you should not forbid him to dress as he likes, or to behave as he is, if you do so, of course we are not talking about a love relationship, we would be talking about something else.

When you met him or met her, it was the way it is, and it seems that you liked it that way. Unless the idea was to change it for what you really liked, but that is not love.

Do not distance yourself from your surroundings, nor from your friends or your family

It is very good that you want to spend all your time with your partner, but, we all have to interact with other people, and that you must respect it so that the relationship goes well. If all your friends do not like you, if no member of your family likes you, rest assured that you have the problem.

Do not control him

And to control, I mean, I have to tell you at all times where you are, who you are with and what you are doing. I assure you that this is not a love relationship. But, if you are the other party and your partner controls you like that, do not think that it is because he loves you very much, inform yourself better because it may be that what you have is a toxic relationship.

Do not stop arguing

Yes, you are reading well. Not arguing is never something a couple should not do; because we will not always agree on everything. And to discuss things, always respecting the opinion of the other, to reach an agreement and thus negotiate with our partner, is the most healthy.

When a couple never discusses, it means that one of them is thinking for both of them; and that is a relationship of submission on the part of some of them. Of course, to discuss at all times and for everything, is a sign that something is not right.

Do not miss staying with your friends

Well, no, neither you nor your partner. Having a relationship, does not have to be at odds with having friends and going out with them. Moreover, it is convenient to do so.

It is worthwhile that your highest priority is to be with that person in particular, but there is time for everything. In addition, it seems that couples who are happier for longer have maintained their social relationships.

Do not stop talking about what has bothered you

Of course not, if your partner has said or done something that has bothered you, it is better to explain what and why; In this way, you can leave things clear and you can prevent them from happening again. So, the next time I ask you what’s wrong with you, stop answering “nothing!” And explain it.

Surely all this you already knew, we all know, but, with the passage of time, it seems that we are forgetting. It is convenient to remember it from time to time.

How to overcome the stress of a move as a couple?

The changes and changes of address generate tensions, especially between the couple. In addition to patience, you have to do an assertiveness, empathy and understanding exercise. These simple tips will help us in that task.

The stress of a move seems like a fact that no one can escape. A change that revolutionizes the inner world of each person . It can be an inevitable disorder of everything that seemed little and suddenly becomes very much. Do you know how to cope with the stress of a couple moving?

Tips so that the stress of a move does not contaminate the happiness of the couple

A new home, new neighbors, new roads are approaching and inevitably affects. However, do not let anxiety take over the situation . It is necessary to find the most positive points and take some precautions to make it a balanced process.

Tranquility and positive energy must prevail in the organization of a change of house. The control of emotions is essential to avoid the stress of a move. To avoid falling into the effects of anxiety, serve these tips.

Previous organization

“A cleanup and prior organization will allow the start of the move in a more efficient way.”

The habit of discarding objects that are not used during general cleanings is very helpful. It means a great saving of time and work when the decision to move is made. It is clear that there are always, in the same way, things that are not known for what they were saved.

Once the exact date of the transfer is decided, the tasks to be carried out are planned day by day . Thus, the organization is greater and many inconveniences or unforeseen events that generate the stress of a move are avoided.

The realization of a sketch with the location of the furniture in the new home is a basic point. It is the way to obtain concrete information about adaptation to new environments . At that time you know if you have to leave something or go shopping.

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Packing belongings

Those who have made a move can ensure that it is impossible to complete the entire task in one day. Packing belongings with time, classifying and labeling them is the best option. Also, it is advisable to separate what is used daily from what is least necessary.

On the label it is convenient to place the number of objects and in which room they will be located. In the same way, it is necessary to emphasize without being fragile elements . These data are of great help for the transfer and when unpacking.

The day of transfer of the move in couple

couple hugging while making the move

Focus on the positive aspects of the move and surround yourself with family and friends with whom you share the first moments in your new home.

The day of the transfer the spirits are usually more altered. There is a mixture of happiness for the new but with a taste of uprooting. However, we must always focus on the positive aspects of this experience .

The fact of sharing the transfer with the couple and the help of friends and family is always a good plan . The recommendation is that the roles are well distributed in advance so as not to lose order. In some cases, the transfer is made with own vehicles, in others professional services are contracted. Whatever the option, the schedule must be set and the time the trip demands.

The new order

Once in the house they have chosen, they will be surrounded by boxes, packages and furniture. It is obvious that it takes a few days to finish putting everything in its place . Even, there will be modifications and new readjustments. Patience is the best ally to overcome the stress of a move at that moment.

The goal of a home together is practically fulfilled and you have to allow yourself to enjoy yourself. The most convenient is to accommodate what will be used immediately,  the rest will be ordered little by little with the time they have.

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Rest is essential

Topics that you should discuss regularly as a couple

Find moments to disconnect from the boxes and rest. Your body and patience will thank you.

The desire to have the floor of your dreams may induce them to work for others. The stresses of the move and the physical effort of those days are felt . A break is necessary to resume the energies and not affect the mood. There will be plenty of time ahead to decorate , clean and live in that new place.

Calm and planning: keys to overcome the stress of a couple moving

A list of the days, tasks and roles of each one avoids great tensions that end in stress. Unforeseen events always arise  but that should not change anyone’s mood . It is a moment of change and must be faced with as much calm as possible. Visualizing the future new shared home is a positive exercise to do as a couple.

How to learn to share your partner’s hobbies, even if they do not appeal to you

Five tricks to show your support, even if your hobbies are other

I can not think of anything more boring than to stay next to a body of water, throw a fishing line tied to a stick and wait for, with luck, a fish to see it and bite it. However, for my husband it is one of the great pleasures of life.

Houston, we have a problem.

My husband would prefer to go fishing every weekend, more than once if he could, whereas I would prefer to do anything before this particular, ahem , sport. Over time, we’ve both learned to come to an agreement because, well, that’s what love is about. I want him to be able to enjoy the sport that he loves and he wants me to enjoy my weekends.

An obvious solution is for him to go fishing while I stay at home and do other things that I like to do. However, we live in the center of the city, so to get to a body of water you have to drive a long time and a fishing expedition requires at least a half day. In addition, we have a small child with whom I am at home during the week, so when the weekend comes and my husband and I have free time, the truth is that we want to spend time together.

This being the case, our agreement means going fishing every two weekends. We all go together and, while my husband fishes, my son and I explore the surrounding nature. Maybe when I grow up it becomes a good hiking trip, but for now it looks more like a “Do not swallow stones, spit them out!” Or a “Do not get too close to the water!” Or my frenetic one, but infallible, redirect tactic: “What is that I see? I think it’s someone walking with a dog, let’s see it! “

However, we all feel good outdoors and activity. And although I do not especially enjoy staying attached to a fishing rod, I do like to be in nature, listen to the water and sit on a good rock under the warm sun.

I also recognize that fishing is a good and healthy way to spend time. So I have nothing to object to in that aspect. Fishing does not harm our family time when we go together a couple of times a month.

So, if you are in a similar situation and you have a loved one with a hobby that you do not like at all, here are a few ways to show understanding and support.

Find the positive

Surely there is something that you like and that is related to that hobby. Is there food involved? Is the place where the activity is interesting? Are people who also come to make the hobby entertained?

Support from the margin

Can you support your friend, spouse or family member in any way without participating in the activity? Can you encourage from the margins? Can you help them with the preparations and the collection?

give it time

You can also support someone by simply making sure they have time to do their hobby . If your best friends want to go practice shooting, offer to take care of their children so they can go. If your mother wants to go to the knitting fair but can not drive due to a recent surgery, offer to take her and pick her up.

Listen to him talk about his favorite topic

Find out a little about the subject, enough to have a basic knowledge of your hobby and be able to ask your loved one, the expert or the teacher in the subject, to talk and to help you understand it better. There is a saying in English that fits very well to this situation: “fake it ’til you make it” , that is, pretend interest in this topic until the activity really ends up interesting you, which is what usually happens when we strive in knowing something new.

join up

What prevents you from really participating in that hobby? Okay, maybe it’s not your favorite, but is it something you could do from time to time to show love and support?

You do not have to enjoy the heart with all the hobbies of your loved ones, and vice versa, but you can look for ways to support each other. Although I do not imagine that one day I could fall in love with fishing, I do love my husband and I want to show him that his happiness is important to me, just as I know that my happiness is important to him.

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Fishing in pairs

The underwater fishing in pairs is the safest practice and the one that should always be practiced, but for that I am going to lie to you, it is not easy to fish in pairs according to which zones and depths , since the strong currents or the areas in which the water is very cloudy is not easy, I would not even say that fishing is advisable as a couple and I comment on why.

The idea would be to fish two Pescasub of the same physical abilities as apnea or knowledge, that is not easy but it can be solved in the safest way possible and is that ALWAYS and always say the most advanced or experienced Pescasub must fish at the level of the less experienced Pescasub, since this way it will be difficult for there to be any problem since there is no Pescasub of the two that is forcing its limits and if there was some kind of problem, accident or something when fishing both at the same level, always the another companion will be able to help you, if it were the other way around and the less experienced fisherman would have to go fishing to the heights and areas where his more advanced companion fishes well, but where he does not fish at ease or comfortable, forcing his limits and exposing himself to have a syncope ,can hardly help the most advanced partner if it is the one who gives a syncope, being almost impossible to help and if it does also sponge his life trying to help the partner.


To be able to fish as a couple you have to be very committed to the fishing partner because at any time you may need your help so you have to know each other very well, the techniques that everyone likes, the meters they usually use and he likes to fish for each one, the physical capacity and apnea of ​​each one, etc … Since all these data are important to know and to find our ideal fishing partner, since although it is created the opposite is not worth any.

The best thing to learn from each other is to use only one rifle for the two Pescasub, since that is how we force the one who remains on the surface to watch and follow the steps of the one who has come down with the rifle and the that is on the surface will relax and ventilate much better than if you have your rifle and are thinking only about going down and fishing.

That would be the theory because according to which areas of Spain, fishing in pairs is impossible, for example, in the Strait, since the currents are so strong that it is impossible to go at the same time as the surface is going at a rhythm and in the background to another, only with the bottom Pescasub make a wait or look at a stone, the companion of the surface can not be tracing the current to be by his side as it would tire in a very short time and it would be more dangerous to try fish like this throughout the day to fish separately although trying to go at a distance of between 20-30m from each other.

In the case of fishing in areas of very murky waters something similar happens, the best option would be to fish two Pescasub with a single rifle , since it can happen that the two Pescasub are in the bottom at the same time and with the water so cloudy a fatal accident can be caused when one of the Pescasub is fired at one piece and the other is in the path of the rod.

The basics of fishing in pairs is to be sure that the other partner is there and is watching us in case we need anything, that will give us a plus of confidence and security, so you have to know how to listen to them. tips and criticisms that can be made to each other since the idea is to be able to keep moving forward and our learning will be much faster and safer.

Fishing as a couple is like a marriage that if one gives much or everything and the other does not give anything or little, it will never work, that’s why you have to teach what each one knows to the other so you both know the same, while respecting all the knowledge, expenses … and go to enjoy each fishing trip having confidence in your partner, you will have fishing partner for a long time, if on the contrary everyone goes to their own and there are personal foolish piques between the two is best to leave it and look for a new companion with which if you feel comfortable and comfortable when fishing with him, since in definite at any moment your life can be in your hands, and you have to be sure that you will know what to do if some day that moment, no !!!

You have to be clear that fishing in pairs does not start when we get in the water, but it starts just when we are the day before we go fishing at an hour X to pick us up and go to the chosen area, since it is about that of friendship and companionship not only to go down and kill fish, friendship and good royo among companions is fundamental and at any moment it is good to talk about any doubt we have about anything related to that fishing trip, either from the material, chosen areas where we will fish, depth where we feel comfortable, what to do in the event that this or that thing happens, etc.

Always must fish with the regulatory signal buoy , first because it is mandatory, second because it is the only way to see the ships that pass by our side and third because it can save our lives before any accident or accident … .

The more information we have from each other, the better we will know how to act in the case of having to do it, and the better we will feel fishing together, fishing in pairs is not about who fishes more or who is better, but about how to spend a great fishing day with your partner Pescasub in the best possible way …

Cooking as a couple: what are your benefits?

Sharing time together is essential to foster the bonds of the couple. Practicing hobbies such as cooking can be an excellent option to join and teach values ​​to the little ones.

In the actuality feeding is not only a necessity for our organism, but it has become a pleasure. Cooking as a couple can be an activity with multiple benefits that, in short, will unite us more. Through the kitchen we can give free rein to our imagination and creativity. From preparing a romantic evening to starting our own business as a couple. Know in this article the benefits of cooking as a couple, some ideas that you may have never thought of.

Benefits of cooking as a couple

Do you like to cook? Then discover the benefits of cooking as a couple :

Spend more time together

Undoubtedly, one of the problems of many couples in this competitive and capitalist society is having time to share as a couple. Due to work schedules, commitments and issues that must be attended to on a day-to-day basis, many couples hardly see themselves arriving at night.

For this reason, we suggest that in the hours of energy that still remain, you cook something together , instead of sitting down to watch TV and order a pizza. Although this last can be a very comfortable option from time to time.

The cooking activity will give you moments to talk, to tell you the day and above all to create something delicious that you can also enjoy together. Take advantage of every free moment, and if cooking becomes an excuse to spend more time together , then fantastic.

Eat more homemade and less precooked food

In addition to promoting ties, cooking together will make you strive to consume healthier foods and homemade preparations.

On the other hand, if we take the good habit of cooking as a couple, without wanting to, we will be promoting homemade food . We will have the guarantee of being able to consume fresh and quality food. Thus our health will be reinforced with all the nutrients we need.

No large elaborations are necessary in the kitchen to eat healthy and rich. If we avoid precooked food and junk food, we can even recover old recipes from our family. Or go further and start, between the two, to develop our imagination and more risky ideas.

Enhance the creativity of each one and between the two

Creativity is not an exclusive field of the plastic arts. In the kitchen we have an infinite universe of gastronomic possibilities .

There are many types of culinary cultures where we can investigate and adapt to our tastes. Even create a healthy rivalry where the competition to surprise the other with new flavors leads us to excel.

Pleasing and surprising our partner cooking is a detail that is valued and enjoyed. In this way, we can also distribute the tasks and obligations of the house better . It is never too late to get down to the dough and give the best of ourselves.

The best way to educate is by example

Cooking together conveys positive values ​​to our children.

If we have children we will know that they are like sponges that absorb all our habits, customs and even way of speaking. For this reason, it is interesting that it is something normal and everyday to see each other cooking, even together. This is how we transmit them, that they must learn to be self-sufficient in this field as well.

Cooking involves your effort and daily dedication. If we assign them some task in the kitchen, they will be more committed to the obligations of your family. It also encourages the value of responsibility and perseverance, since it is an essential daily activity.

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Disconnect from other activities

Cooking as a couple can help us to disconnect from other obligations or concerns. Spending that time together in the kitchen creates bonds, complicities, generates new stories among you and helps you to relax your mind of so much work stress .

In addition, if we cook at night, it serves to disconnect before going to sleep of the abuse that we usually do of the technologies (television, computer, social networks, etc). A good way, too, to combat insomnia.

In short, these are some of the benefits we can get by cooking together. This good habit will help us to feel better with ourselves and with our partner . And, therefore, it will also affect the whole family in a positive and constructive way.

10 romantic destinations to visit with your partner

Meet 10 romantic destinations to visit with your partner. Cities and beautiful landscapes of the world that await you with their magic to rekindle love and sex in the couple.

The romantic destinations are always waiting for couples who wish to live a special experience. Sometimes, escaping as a couple and traveling through unfamiliar places is a way to return to the period of falling in love, the one you would never want to end.

Due to life circumstances such as work, family obligations and the economy, sometimes we do not find enough time for the relationship. So, you have to be a little selfish and embark on a unique journey as a couple .

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The 10 romantic destinations to reaffirm love

If you decide to take a couple’s holidays and want them to be dreamed, then you will  find 10 places that you will not regret visiting .

1 Prague

The Czech city is full of historic buildings with striking beauty. From the Plaza del Reloj you can feel the presence of the characters that circulated there. Albert Einstein , Franz Kafka and great national heroes who fought for democracy.

Each tour they make through Prague allows them to obtain the most spectacular photographs. With a film architecture, with castles and bridges, you have in your possession the most beautiful library in the world. A place named by great poets like Jorge Luis Borges that you can not stop enjoying.

2. Venice

Among the most romantic destinations, the city of the canals  has a privileged place . Climb in a water taxi embraced, and move around the city is a wonderful plan. An adventure that, surely, they will never be able to remove from their minds.

Strolling together at night among the neighborhood channels makes them protagonists of the best love story . Making a wish, walking on the bridges and sitting in a bar to drink, is priceless.

3. Phuket

If you are from couples who enjoy the beaches, flying to Thailand is one of the great alternatives. In the south of the country is the largest beach, on the island of Phuket. You will find there surrounded by tourists from all over the world delighting in their beauty.

Crossing the bridge, they enter the most deeply rooted and enchanting culture . In the case of a trip of several days, there is a magical variety of  more intimate beaches and places to love.

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4. Santorini

In Greece you will find the most romantic destinations you can imagine , for example, Santorini.

A small and beautiful town with white roofs located on dark cliffs, generates in the approaching travelers, an unforgettable optical sensation . From a distance, the first idea is that the snow covers the place, however it is its architecture. For the most daring, this place has a special atmosphere for weddings .

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5. Cartagena

Landing as a couple in this Colombian city is like moving to another level . It was inspired by writers recognized worldwide for their beauty.

A sunset in Cartagena, with the colors of its houses and the walls that surround it, is unforgettable. They will simply feel part, for a few days, of the oldest time, that past life in which only feelings mattered to be happy.

6 Mallorca

One of the main islands of Spain also has its place in the ranking of the most romantic destinations. And it is ideal for those who want to relax in the privacy of their commitment .

An area where good weather is always present accompanying the beauty of its nature. If you look for balance in your partner , feel at peace and connect, Mallorca awaits you.

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7 Buenos Aires

In the southernmost country in the world, Buenos Aires has the most special nights you can live . A place where the oldest styles are intermingled with the most modern ones. A combination of cultures that can coexist with balance and fascination between them.

For tourists, one of the best proposals is to visit tango salons and to indulge in a special class . Surely, some dance steps with your partner will return the passionate connection that, perhaps, had a little sleep.

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8 Provence

The colors and the softest aromas are the main characteristics of the French city. Making a Valentine’s Day getaway with your great love , giving her fresh flowers and a kiss , is enough.

No big words are needed on this trip, because the landscape does it all . The senses are stimulated as a whole, without differences. All couples can enjoy this trip with emotions to the surface.

9 Amsterdam

Legend has it that whoever kisses his lover in this Dutch city has a guarantee of eternal love . What more romantic than declaring his wishes on the Magere Bug Bridge?

Also, there are plenty of walks to do as a couple, on foot or on a cruise. All the options to reconquer once again those people who move you every morning.

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10 Lisbon

The Portuguese viewpoints are places where couples would like to spend more time than can be expected . From the well-known castle of San Jorge, the whole city dazzles the world.

But, in addition to knowing the culture and seeing its special architecture, they can build their own film version . Simply, climb the suspension bridge and, under the stars, swear company forever.