Fishing in pairs


The underwater fishing in pairs is the safest practice and the one that should always be practiced, but for that I am going to lie to you, it is not easy to fish in pairs according to which zones and depths , since the strong currents or the areas in which the water is very cloudy is not easy, I would not even say that fishing is advisable as a couple and I comment on why.

The idea would be to fish two Pescasub of the same physical abilities as apnea or knowledge, that is not easy but it can be solved in the safest way possible and is that ALWAYS and always say the most advanced or experienced Pescasub must fish at the level of the less experienced Pescasub, since this way it will be difficult for there to be any problem since there is no Pescasub of the two that is forcing its limits and if there was some kind of problem, accident or something when fishing both at the same level, always the another companion will be able to help you, if it were the other way around and the less experienced fisherman would have to go fishing to the heights and areas where his more advanced companion fishes well, but where he does not fish at ease or comfortable, forcing his limits and exposing himself to have a syncope ,can hardly help the most advanced partner if it is the one who gives a syncope, being almost impossible to help and if it does also sponge his life trying to help the partner.


To be able to fish as a couple you have to be very committed to the fishing partner because at any time you may need your help so you have to know each other very well, the techniques that everyone likes, the meters they usually use and he likes to fish for each one, the physical capacity and apnea of ​​each one, etc … Since all these data are important to know and to find our ideal fishing partner, since although it is created the opposite is not worth any.

The best thing to learn from each other is to use only one rifle for the two Pescasub, since that is how we force the one who remains on the surface to watch and follow the steps of the one who has come down with the rifle and the that is on the surface will relax and ventilate much better than if you have your rifle and are thinking only about going down and fishing.

That would be the theory because according to which areas of Spain, fishing in pairs is impossible, for example, in the Strait, since the currents are so strong that it is impossible to go at the same time as the surface is going at a rhythm and in the background to another, only with the bottom Pescasub make a wait or look at a stone, the companion of the surface can not be tracing the current to be by his side as it would tire in a very short time and it would be more dangerous to try fish like this throughout the day to fish separately although trying to go at a distance of between 20-30m from each other.

In the case of fishing in areas of very murky waters something similar happens, the best option would be to fish two Pescasub with a single rifle , since it can happen that the two Pescasub are in the bottom at the same time and with the water so cloudy a fatal accident can be caused when one of the Pescasub is fired at one piece and the other is in the path of the rod.

The basics of fishing in pairs is to be sure that the other partner is there and is watching us in case we need anything, that will give us a plus of confidence and security, so you have to know how to listen to them. tips and criticisms that can be made to each other since the idea is to be able to keep moving forward and our learning will be much faster and safer.

Fishing as a couple is like a marriage that if one gives much or everything and the other does not give anything or little, it will never work, that’s why you have to teach what each one knows to the other so you both know the same, while respecting all the knowledge, expenses … and go to enjoy each fishing trip having confidence in your partner, you will have fishing partner for a long time, if on the contrary everyone goes to their own and there are personal foolish piques between the two is best to leave it and look for a new companion with which if you feel comfortable and comfortable when fishing with him, since in definite at any moment your life can be in your hands, and you have to be sure that you will know what to do if some day that moment, no !!!

You have to be clear that fishing in pairs does not start when we get in the water, but it starts just when we are the day before we go fishing at an hour X to pick us up and go to the chosen area, since it is about that of friendship and companionship not only to go down and kill fish, friendship and good royo among companions is fundamental and at any moment it is good to talk about any doubt we have about anything related to that fishing trip, either from the material, chosen areas where we will fish, depth where we feel comfortable, what to do in the event that this or that thing happens, etc.

Always must fish with the regulatory signal buoy , first because it is mandatory, second because it is the only way to see the ships that pass by our side and third because it can save our lives before any accident or accident … .

The more information we have from each other, the better we will know how to act in the case of having to do it, and the better we will feel fishing together, fishing in pairs is not about who fishes more or who is better, but about how to spend a great fishing day with your partner Pescasub in the best possible way …