Things that should not be done in the couple

The principle of a relationship is the most beautiful things that can happen to us. Everything is fantastic, or at least it seems. There are no discussions, there are no obligations; there is nothing that we do not like about the other … or maybe yes, but we do not pay attention to it, because we are not interested.

When we decided to formalize that relationship; or when we decide that it is time to start a coexistence, it is when the real challenge begins.

The challenge of maintaining a healthy relationship

Of course, there is nothing that guarantees us that this relationship will be for life. That is what we would like; but there is no guarantee. Maybe one of the two will run out of love, and then, there will be nothing to do.

But, if that does not happen, if love is maintained, there are some things we should keep in mind; so that this relationship is as healthy as possible. Because forget it, it will not be enough to make a gift for Valentine’s Day.

There is no pair with perfect compatibility. No matter how good you take with your partner, you will always have to reach an agreement. There are always things we have to do and things we should never do.

And then we examine some of the things we do not do:

Do not take anything for granted

Do not give things for known, or what is the same, “why should I tell you that I love you, or I want it, if you already know it?” Well, no, although I know it, it costs nothing to say it again and again. Remind him of the love you have for him. Tell him how handsome or handsome he is today. Say good morning, or good night …

We already know what usually happens when there is trust. But that same, can make the love relationship become a relationship of strangers. Or what is worse, a boring relationship.

Do not forget the time for both

We already know that the obligations are many and leave little time, in addition, if there are children I do not even tell you; the day goes by between work, schools, homework and extracurricular activities. But, it is important and absolutely necessary that you look for the time to be alone. Because that will be what keeps the relationship alive.

Do not mock or criticize

This has to be explained. One thing is jokes, which are very healthy, because laughing together makes the bond stronger. Another very different thing is to make fun of your partner with bad intention, and I do not tell you anything if it is in front of other people.

On the other hand, the normal thing is that if something you do or say you do not like, if it bothers you, you will have to tell them, if you do not, you will not be able to know. And we talked in another article about how to tell someone that something has bothered you.

Another thing is to criticize for criticizing: that ends up bothering a lot and creating discomfort in the couple. If there is a criticism, let it be constructive.

Do not make the attempt to change

As usual, you should not forbid him to dress as he likes, or to behave as he is, if you do so, of course we are not talking about a love relationship, we would be talking about something else.

When you met him or met her, it was the way it is, and it seems that you liked it that way. Unless the idea was to change it for what you really liked, but that is not love.

Do not distance yourself from your surroundings, nor from your friends or your family

It is very good that you want to spend all your time with your partner, but, we all have to interact with other people, and that you must respect it so that the relationship goes well. If all your friends do not like you, if no member of your family likes you, rest assured that you have the problem.

Do not control him

And to control, I mean, I have to tell you at all times where you are, who you are with and what you are doing. I assure you that this is not a love relationship. But, if you are the other party and your partner controls you like that, do not think that it is because he loves you very much, inform yourself better because it may be that what you have is a toxic relationship.

Do not stop arguing

Yes, you are reading well. Not arguing is never something a couple should not do; because we will not always agree on everything. And to discuss things, always respecting the opinion of the other, to reach an agreement and thus negotiate with our partner, is the most healthy.

When a couple never discusses, it means that one of them is thinking for both of them; and that is a relationship of submission on the part of some of them. Of course, to discuss at all times and for everything, is a sign that something is not right.

Do not miss staying with your friends

Well, no, neither you nor your partner. Having a relationship, does not have to be at odds with having friends and going out with them. Moreover, it is convenient to do so.

It is worthwhile that your highest priority is to be with that person in particular, but there is time for everything. In addition, it seems that couples who are happier for longer have maintained their social relationships.

Do not stop talking about what has bothered you

Of course not, if your partner has said or done something that has bothered you, it is better to explain what and why; In this way, you can leave things clear and you can prevent them from happening again. So, the next time I ask you what’s wrong with you, stop answering “nothing!” And explain it.

Surely all this you already knew, we all know, but, with the passage of time, it seems that we are forgetting. It is convenient to remember it from time to time.